Invest in Africa Summit: Insight into Guinea

Guys, did ya’ll know that Guinea has the world's largest #bauxite reserves and is the biggest exporter of the ore? I sure didn’t. I had to #google bauxite [c’mon now I’m not the only one] LOL! But, without the conversation I had with Mohamed Condé, The Department for International Trade Country Director – Mining, I would not know this. Hydro #energy powers the country, and #agriculture is one of their fastest growing sectors particularly for cashew nuts (yum), honey and pineapple – who knew? Based in Conakry, Mohamed said the reason why we don’t hear much from them is because they are in the Francophone region but they will now do better to connect with the rest of us, particularly the #Diaspora, because they are open for business. Anyone interested? DM me for deets. Department for International Development (DFID) Foreign and Commonwealth Office #Learning hashtag#Africa2020 #UK #Business #Investment #Conversations #AfCFTA2020 #TradeNotAid #Leaders

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