Who runs the world? Well girls of course!

According to the #MasterCard Index, #Africa has the world’s highest rate of women entrepreneurs at 27%. In fact, two African countries, #Uganda (34.8%) and #Botswana (34.6%), have the highest percentage of women #entrepreneurs in the world. There is also a rise in the number of tech startup ecosystems that support women in #SouthAfrica, #Nigeria, and #Kenya. #Morocco is also home to dozens of ambitious female-led tech start-ups. However, when you dig a little deeper, most female-led enterprises on the continent are very small #businesses. Limited access to funding, mentoring, and cultural barriers are some of the biggest challenges. This by Finbarr Toesland article explains more...

Tolu Komolafe, co-founder of the Ladies in Tech organization based in Lagos, Nigeria. Photo: Andela / Mohini Ufeli

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