Diaspora Challenge: Unleashing Africa’s secret weapon…

There's SO MUCH creativity in Africa and among the diasporan community that left the continent. What was termed the 'brain drain' saw many of the continent's brightest leave because of various reasons from lack of opportunity to perception of better opportunities. The countries that are getting it right are those who recognise and nurture their diasporan communities i.e. that huge number of people from Africa who now live abroad. Why is that getting it right? Because beyond their talent, they have a vested interest - either just through that connection to their heritage or because they still have family back home. Alienating this growing number of people with ideas and also money to spend and invest, is missing a trick. Those countries that are nurturing the sense of citizenship by for example, making it easy to vote and be part of the democratic process; making remittances easier and cheaper; enabling dual nationality, are holding onto their talent while opening the door for them to bring in benefits from their adopted nations.

Alongside governments who can set up the framework for tapping into the Diasporan community, organisations like CoCreation Hub are delivering brilliant initiatives like this one, the Diasporan Challenge, to explicitly draw out those insights that can be taken from adopted countries for the benefit of Africa. It's genius and we need way more of it! So here's my plug: If you have an idea under one of the 3 challenge themes i.e. Fintech, Education and Energy, here’s your chance to secure support and investment!

Led by the Co-Creation Hub (Cc-Hub), the challenge wants to mobilise the Diaspora community to build scalable business solutions to social challenges in Africa. CcHub is a social innovation center dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity.

Check it our here and please don't keep this to yourself. For the benefit of the African continent, do the right thing, the neighbourly thing, and tell a friend or 6 from different parts of the continent!


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