Paying it forward...or is it back homeward?

Johns Hopkins grad from Nigeria wants to help hospitals in West Africa go digital. OneMedical, founded by WSE alum Adegoke Olubusi, is among 15 finalists in Cisco Global Problem Solver Challenge For so many reasons, I just LOVE this! There is so much power and benefit when you get the simple things right, and as someone living in an adopted home 'abroad', I can so identify with this story and the drivers behind why he may have done this. The difference is in how easy it is to do something liek this, and what support and receptiveness comes from your home government. The countries that get this right and welcome the input of their diasporan daughters and sons, are the ones who will be on the cutting edge when it comes to innovation and progression in Africa, because they will avail themselves of the exposure, experience and wisdom capital of these highly incentivised diasporans with a vested interest in the improvement of their countries. When you combine: 1. experience in one market 2. exposure to a different market at a different developmental stage and 3. a big company (in this case, Cisco) that wants to be on the frontline of innovation and sustainable, responsible development, you get this...Solution finding for challenges 'at home' using resources and knowledge from your adopted home.

Africa complained of the serious "brain drain" that hit the continent when many young people left the continent either for uni or for work. You never really leave home, especially when you still have family there, so with the right framework e.g. governments welcoming and supporting innovators among diasporan communities, and recognising diasporans by giving them voting rights for e.g. this kind of payback could grown exponentially!

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