To meet Moses is to understand Positive Afritude

Meet Moses. Moses has a spirit larger than life and a personality that shines like sunbeams. Moses is what Africa is all about. Entrepreneurship, persistence, effervescence!

Disabled by polio at 8, Moses is a tailor who worked in a factory for many years in South Africa. He was often not paid or paid late. Earning £46 a month and then spending £30 of that on transport to work and back was financially unsustainable, so Moses made the brave choice to start up his own little business using an industrial sewing machine gifted to him by a well-wisher.

Moses found it tough to find customers in Orange Farm, the township area where he lives, so a few months ago, he taught himself the art of doll making to diversify his portfolio and expand his client base. This is where the new chapter in his story really begins. Moses has found purpose and meaning through his doll making. His face conveys his story – open, welcoming, joyful! He is motivated by his love of educating children about animals and you can see the passion he has for this because every one of his handmade creations is a delight. This is the heart of Africa. Positive Afritude is VERY PROUDLY stocking Moses' beautiful dolls and helping to provide Moses with a sustainable, dependable income. Each one of these dolls comes with a HUGE dose of fabulous karma, and we are SOOOOOOOOO excited to be part of this incredibly inspiring story and journey! Your purchase will put food on this man’s table. It will educate and clothe his two children; one aged 4 years and the other just 8 months. Most importantly, your purchase will carry the story of Moses further than he ever dared to dream it would extend! A story of hope, of overcoming adversity... Of an African man who loves wild animals. A man with the soul of Africa as his north star. Thank you for buying a piece of Africa – from Moses’ heart.

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