My labour of love is 1 month old!

It's been a month since we launched, but it feels like it's been so much longer! I feel like I've had another baby in addition to my beautiful 8 month old. I guess the incubation of the idea was very much like my pregnancy; doing everything to prepare and making sure I did as much research as I could. I spoke to people who'd done it before, & spent far too much time on social media reading EVERYTHING! I scared myself, reassured myself and excited myself multiple times a day every day. I guess the only big difference was that one of my babies was happening no matter what, whereas the other was contingent on me taking the decision to end the gestation and bring the idea to life.

This baby is one month old, and like my actual baby, I'm a different person to the nervous wreck I was then. I'm more confident and I've learnt a lot more. I'm finding my own way as an entrepreneur because there's no one recipe or persona for an entrepreneur. Kind of the best part of it!

I won't try and cram all the MANY lessons I've learnt into this post, but I'm all about the knowledge sharing and story telling, so for those who are toying with the idea of turning that idea into a reality, keep an eye out for details of the chat.

For now though, to entice you to part with your hard earned money, you can buy yourself or someone special a discounted beautiful gift from some entrepreneurs in Africa. Simply use 'HBDAY1' when you check out to get 10% off!

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