Poor? Africa? REALLY!!?? Look again.

The image below made the rounds on Africa Day, 25 May, the day when African countries supposedly joined together in 1963 to form the Organisation of African Unity, now the African Union. You've got to wonder just how much collaboration has gone on since or at least, how effective its been considering the state of many of our beautiful nations.

If Africa was a company with all these commodities, the CEO would've fired the management team for failing to capitalise on the VAST potential of this wealth of resources. It's not a company but it doesn't diminish that accountability. The people of Africa or any region are the CEO. We hire & fire with our votes. Disengaging is not an option or those managers can continue to mismanage. In the golden age of social connectivity & with many African diasporans working for powerful, global entities, the power to effect change is immense. All you need is the right attitude...a Positive Afritude.

The time for us to ACTUALLY unite for the good of Africa and not just our little corner of it, is NOW. Nothing can be achieved if we continue to focus on ourselves and if we can't support one another to succeed.

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