Positive Afritude explained & illustrated!

What is Positive Afritude? That's what I've been asked by a few people on LinkedIn and other social platforms. I was even asked to give the elevator pitch or 60 second pitch to explain what PA is. That got me thinking, because I'm a passion driven human so I just assume people 'get it' because it's so clear in my head. I forget sometimes that no-one is in my head but me, so I need to articulate more... use my words!

So thank you Richard for prompting me to get what was in my head and heart into words. It was a really valuable exercise! And what did I come up with? Here goes (let me know what you think):

PA is about changing the rhetoric around Africa & Africans by showcasing people & projects who are doing powerful, sometimes game changing things, in order to connect them, their skills & products to a global market for mutual benefit.

Yeah, and there you thought it was just another online store selling African stuff! ;o) I firmly believe that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, it just takes a while for the reason to become clear. It always does. Eventually. Anyway, no sooner had I done this definition exercise, than I found THE PERFECT illustration of PA. I mean it's INSANE how perfect this story is! Have a read, and when you do, you'll see just what I mean. Ishmael's story has the crime, pain, devastation, poverty that people often associate with Africa. Then there's Part 2 - the lesser told story: innovation, resilience, self sufficiency, creativity. Ishmael portrays it all in an INCREDIBLE story that I really hope you'll read. PA is about telling more 'Part 2s' & supporting people like Ishmael to thrive by providing them with a global, online marketplace and platform.

I hope you'll be a little clearer on the mission; I also hope you'll be even more excited about shopping now that you have at least one example of the kinds of people behind the products. I'm working on getting some of Ishmael's art, so check back and maybe you can grab a piece that can not only decorate your home, but give you one heck of a story to tell people about its origins and the artist.

#positiveafritude #idea #story #Zimbabwe

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