The awesomeness that is this guy...

When I read this article, my head nearly exploded because there was SOOO MUCH that popped into it! The article is about Zimbabwean farmer, Jonah Chimusoro, and the incredible, sustainable farm he has set up. I was so inspired by his sheer brilliance and humility, but also so frustrated because I found him by happy accident. And so began a stalking campaign that the HIVOS guys won't have fond recollections of... In fairness to me, I had good intentions.

So this guy... He's basically a genius. Toby Shapshak - another super cool human I'll tell you about later - talked about how Africa was a hotbed of "innovation out of necessity". When you see my blog on Toby, READ IT. It's going to fascinate you when you learn how much of the big stuff we use all over the world was created in Africa to solve a problem on a much smaller, local scale.

Back to this awesome guy, Jonah.

Jonah has set up what the world should know about & what anyone with sense should invest in replicating. If you've read about our super fun projects market, you'll understand why this ecosystem that Jonah created illustrates so beautifully how the Ubuntu project should work. A perfect, symbiotic relationship between humanity and nature that just works so unbelievably well! It's been created BY a local man FOR his circumstances and using his knowledge of the local area and resources.

I would LOVE to find people who would be willing to work with Jonah & HIVOS to capture that knowhow, formulate a guide or training module in all sorts of cool media - maybe an easy app that can be deployed on simple mobile devices like the learning apps that Ustad mobile enable you to create and disseminate.

IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES??? If you'd be interested in donating time or skills, please get in touch!

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