Look 'Off the Chain' Diane Lockhart style

There's always a bit of hesitation when it comes to bold, big accessories. People think it takes a big, bold personality to pull them off. Not true... Sometimes, the right statement necklace can help you speak volumes from the comfort of your more understated, demure wardrobe. It's easier to supplement your style with accessories than it is to change an entire wardrobe; you just need the right pieces for those days when you unleash your fabulous at a slightly higher volume!

The star of this article is the chain look that's working for so many stylists & stars including Christine Baranski from hit legal series, The Good Wife. It's all about that chain & Christine or rather Diane Lockhart, has been working that chain! The good news is that it's a versatile & timelessly cool look so your investment is a sound one.

We've made our own link to the chain trend (get it? link...chain...LOL!) with our not-for-the-fainthearted, GORGEOUS beaded chain necklace with matching bracelet. Wear it in the board room or on the beach with a floaty maxi dress or out to dinner in a formal dress or to a black tie do.... See? Versatile!

Once you've embraced the fabulousness in bold yellow or resplendent red, send us your pic so we can feature your style on our inspiration wall!

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