Bone of attention....

Yes, that's right! Bone. Sounds a bit WHAT THE HELL?? but it's not as grim or creepy as you might think. If anything, it's pretty ingenius to turn something so unattractive into stunning pieces of jewellery.

There's an old African saying about respecting an animal enough to use the whole beast if you slaughter it. These are cow bones rather than any endangered species, & the animals are not killed just for their bones to be used to make accessories.

Bone accessories are more common than you think & you've probably come across them in some of the more fashion forward high street stores. It's all the rage & it's appearing on screen too (see 'Revenge' & the spiky Southern Belle that is Mama Louise).

Grab yourself some beautiful, subtle but impactful accessories from our selection of bone necklaces and earrings with beautiful designs. Don't forget to send us your photos so we can share your style!


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