Jeanie Mester - "Adebayo" [ORIGINAL]
  • Jeanie Mester - "Adebayo" [ORIGINAL]

    Oil on canvas board, framed in solid wood (brown). Size 40 cm x 30 cm.

    “Adebayo” is a reflection of my interpretation of the African beauty ideal, exploring symbols that for me, say Africa, such as the characteristic savannah and the hard conditions it shares with much of the continent. The lions symbolise the constant threat around women, but also the strength, crucial to cope with the many challenges particularly as women.

    I find the concept of beauty ideals very interesting, particularly the many aspects of a culture that influence it and how it in return shapes that culture.
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      “I have wanted to be an artist from a very young age, having always loved to draw and paint, it felt like a natural choice for me. Since then the art has developed and creating is now my passion and my dream. I studied art A level at Kulturama in Stockholm and later continued my art studies at the Art Academy in London.

      Predominantly my art is figurative, focusing on the human figure, nature and ways of exploring this and the beauty within these subjects.
      I adore classical art and this together with contemporary society is where my inspiration comes from.

      In the future I aspire to be able to sustain myself from my art practice and to further develop, explore and improve as an artist.”

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