Growing Beyond Borders


This exciting project, tackling 9/17 SDGs, aims to deliver a sustainable, transformative intervention model. We hope to improve the current situation of young children in some of Africa's most remost, poverty stricken areas, and connect them with opportunities, experience and resources that will permit them to dream beyond their circumstances.


In addition to unlocking dreams and exposing young people to possibilities, we hope to provide concrete pathways to enable achievement of those dreams, in partnership with local communities, local government, individuals globally and corporations in host countries and beyond.  The model is intended to be replicable in any location. 

No poverty | Zero hunger | Good health & wellbeing | Quality education | Gender equality | Decent work & economic growth | Industry, innovation & infrastructure |
Reduced inequalities | Sustainable cities & communities

It's an ambitious project but with the right ingredients, could deliver spectacular changes in the lives of those in most need. Take a look at the plan and see how you can be part of it.

We're testing the model in partnership with the Mopane Foundation, and starting with 4 children in Zimbabwe's Nkayi province. Find out how you can be part of this exciting 1st step.

Africans don't want hand-outs; they want the chance to improve their own circumstances with dignity. Our target outcomes are driven by that objective rather than feeding dependence.

Whether you're an individual, a corporate  organisation, a community leader or government official, there's a role for you. Please click to find out more.

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