What & Who is Positive Afritude?


So much negativity is associated with Africa, from poverty, hunger, disease, corruption, crime, & disappointingly, xenophobia. The Motherland is too often in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Inspired by one incredibly special baby boy, my baby boy, our mission is to showcase the abundant talent, opportunity, charisma, beauty & potential of Africa & Africans in a simple concept we've called Positive Afritude. 

We're sisters who are passionate about Africa & about all things bright & beautiful!  We are committed to empowering grassroots entrepreneurs by providing a marketplace for their products & giving them the ability & dignity to work their way out of poverty in a sustainable, self sufficient way. We will showcase the lesser told but equally headline worthy stories of people, projects & places in Africa that we think are synonymous with Positive Afritude, in order to start to change the rhetoric around Africa & Africans.  This is just the start of what we hope will be an exciting & colourful journey across Africa, delivering the fruits of Afritude to you wherever you are.  

Positive Afritude is a way of looking at Africa that doesn't begin with sympathy or judgement, but celebrates what she has to offer. It is NOT an exclusive club. You don't need to be African to join the celebration! You just need to be open minded & have a Positive Afritude.




Our Products

If you're a picture perfect, no blemishes on your fruits & vegetables kind of person or you're looking for flawless, off the conveyer belt items, this is not the site for you.  

All our products are handmade by actual humans; talented, creative craftswomen and men in Africa. These grass roots entrepreneurs supply us with unique articles that we bring to you. The styles will vary, & the products will change all the time! This is because the individuals making the pieces follow their own creative path.  If you like something, grab it or you may not get the chance again! Every piece on this site symbolises the beauty, energy & vibrancy of Africa.  Wear or display your pieces with pride & serious Afritude, so that a chain reaction begins.  


Our vision is to empower these local business women & men to grow their enterprises to a level where they can begin to employ & train more people in their areas to produce these stunning items.  The goal is to enable them to run lucrative businesses that create financial independence & the pride that comes with being able to look after themselves & their families through honest work.  


Ultimately, we aim to carry our own, bespoke designs, crafted in Africa, by Africans using African products

& materials. Look out for designer gowns, children's wear & more!





Our Services

We will present opportunities to work with & in businesses & projects in Africa or benefiting Africa & Africans, & spectacular events celebrating Afritude. These will contribute to funding for projects investing in sustainable initiatives in Africa, all geared towards empowering local people to make a living for themselves. There's a great deal going on in Africa from a commercial perspective, but people don't think AFRICA! when they're planning their next big relocation.  We'll be bringing you some of the hot roles, projects & investment opportunities either in Africa or within organisations that are contributing to economies in Africa.  Follow us on Twitter & keep an eye on the News & Events.  If you have an opportunity you want to share, get in touch!



Our Events

We'll be delivering events from skills workshops to seminars to black tie dinners, all with links to Africa.  There are so many talented people from Africa in various industries; they have a wealth of knowledge to share! There are also those who are looking for talented people who would like to work in Africa.  These educational, networking & fundraising events will provide opportunities to do just that.



Feel free to tell us what you think and give us feedback via twitter or via email.  To keep up to date with everything PA, including tips and things we think are cool, just head to the PA News & Events section or follow us on Twitter!

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